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A message from the founders...

We're incredibly excited to finally introduce TixiT Ticket Company. In short, we're based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we facilitate ticket sales for venues and event promoters. You could call us a ticket agency, and you wouldn't be entirely off-base, but we prefer the term 'ticketing partner'. We're just different. We work on a finer scale with our clients to customize solutions that work for them, rather than trying to fit everyone into a mold. We also believe that a fast and efficient ticket sales process can also be friendly one.

While the TixiT brand is something new, our team has been involved in getting fans into awesome events for a lot of years and we enjoy what we do. From the point where we put an event on sale and all the way up to show time, it's always an adventure filled with great stories of first times and bucket-list check marks. As a neat little piece of trivia - a good portion of our team can honestly say that they've been doing this for more years than they haven't, and we hope that passion shows.

Thanks for visiting. There are certainly more big things to come.