A message from the founders...

We are a group of passionate event industry veterans, looking to provide personalized help and support to our local community.  Proudly based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have a deep understanding of Canada's entertainment scene.   Ticketing is more then the box office - it's working with you on strategic planning, navigating the uncertainity of reopening with COVID-19, dealing with access control - and much more.   Our consulting services can help during a short term project, a staffing transition or, keep us around long term and we will keep your operations running smoothly while you focus your resources on sales. We work on a finer scale with our clients to customize solutions that work for them, rather than trying to fit everyone into a mold.

While the TixiT brand is something new, our team has been involved in getting fans into awesome events for a lot of years and we enjoy what we do. We can help you with analytics-driven strategy development as well. We've been there and done that but pride ourselves on approaching every client situation with an open mind.

Tell us about your event!  People have used our services for events both big and small - we customize our package to meet your budget and goals.   Need to control access to your store or facility?  We can help!  Need to have people pre-register?  Yep, we can do that!   Or - if you are putting on an event in Manitoba and would like to partner with your local community - let us see how we can help you!

Thanks for visiting and thanks for considering TixiT as your ticketing support partner. There are certainly more big things to come.